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Tom Brady ’embarrassed’ by salary, plans to move out of New England

Speculation continues to run rampant about Tom Brady and what comes next in his Hall of Fame career, and his purported unhappiness with his situation suggests his time with the New England Patriots could be nearing its end.

Gary Tanguay of NBC Sports Boston relayed Thursday night that Brady is “embarrassed” by how his salary with the Patriots pales in comparison to what many of his quarterback colleagues earn.

There are 13 NFL quarterbacks who earn more on an annual basis than Brady, according to the website Over the Cap. This slight is believed to have been aggravating Brady since last summer.

It does merit noting that Brady has agreed to team-friendly deals during his Patriots career so the organization would be better positioned to surround him with high-caliber players. With the Patriots offense struggling mightily in 2019 due to a dearth of talent, perhaps Brady’s patience with his middling quarterback salary has worn thin.

Making matters even more unclear when it comes to the Patriots is the belief that Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen intend to move their family out of New England.

“I was told today by a source the family is planning to leave the area,” Tanguay said, per NBC Sports Boston. “The priority this time is to let the kids finish school this year, then they’re gone.”

All that being said, even if Brady does indeed uproot his family and move out of the area — he and Bundchen own numerous properties around the country and their Brookline, Mass., home remains on the market — that does not definitively mean Brady is moving on from the Patriots.

There unsurprisingly has been no shortage of speculation regarding Tom Brady’s uncertain NFL future. Said ongoing reading of the tea leaves undoubtedly will continue until something official is declared.

Whether Brady’s deliberations lead him to remaining with the Patriots or moving on to another team when he hits free agency for the first time in March remains to be seen. In that light, everything about Brady, innocuous or otherwise, will continue to get scrutinized.