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Damian Lillard roasts Russell Westbrook over in-game trash talk

Damian Lillard was on the receiving end of some Russell Westbrook trash talk during the Portland Trail Blazers’ 117-107 win over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night. Not only did Lillard get the last laugh with the victory, he also sneaked in the final word on the in-game taunt on social media.

Westbrook managed one of his patented triple-doubles in the loss with 31 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists. With the Rockets down by 14 during the fourth quarter, Westbrook was fouled on a drive by Lillard. After the play, Westbrook talked trash to Lillard by saying, “A foul is a bucket. Can’t guard me. Impossible.”

Lillard, who notched 25 points, seven rebounds and seven assistsĀ in the victory, surfaced on social media after the game to provide his response, a short-and-sweet tweet that read, “Lol.”

Lillard is no stranger to attempting to settle scores by shooting off dispatches on social media, so his brief tweet in response to Westbrook’s trash talk is simply business as usual for the Blazers superstar.