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Expected Bengals pick Joe Burrow hates Cincy’s Skyline Chili?

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are on a collision course, as the LSU Tigers quarterback is the presumptive No. 1 selection in the 2020 NFL Draft and the team holds the top pick.

The pairing has all the makings of a perfect match, with the quarterback-needy Bengals searching for a replacement for Andy Dalton. There is one minor off-the-field issue, however, that could be troubling for Cincinnatians: Burrow is no fan of the city’s iconic Skyline Chili.

Burrow’s family settled in Ohio when he was a youngster, so he presumably knows a thing or two about Skyline Chili. It stands to reason, then, that he’s not going off on the chili-and-cheese-topped-spaghetti dish half-cocked.

During a recent interview on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take,” Burrow opened up about his disdain for Cincy’s go-to eatery.

“Oh, God. I hate it. Cincinnati’s gonna hate me — I hate that stuff,” Burrow said, per Dave Clark of The Cincinnati Enquirer. “It’s not real chili. It’s just sauce. I mean, they’ve hated me for a while because I’ve had these takes since like I first got to Ohio State. And they’re like, ‘What do you mean? You’re from Ohio!’ and I’m like, ‘Doesn’t matter. I hate it.'”

Burrow’s hate of Skyline Chili is not a recent revelation, either, as highlighted this week by NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.

That said, Burrow has some supporters in the NFL community when it comes to his hating on Skyline Chili.

In an awkward twist, Skyline Chili took to Twitter Wednesday morning to congratulate Burrow on LSU’s national title, seemingly unaware of the quarterback’s expressed disgust over their foundational foodstuff.

Skyline Chili-gate is unlikely to cause a huge rift between Bengals fans and Burrow, the team’s anticipated quarterback of the future. What’s more, perhaps getting reacquainted with Cincinnati’s legendary menu item once he presumably arrives in town will change Burrow’s mind. Then again, perhaps not.