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Aaron Boone reportedly feels ‘vindicated’ amid Astros’ fallout

Major League Baseball lowered the boom on the Houston Astros organization Monday upon the conclusion of its investigation into the team’s sign-stealing scandal, and New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone is said to be satisfied with the outcome.

Weighing in on the fallout from Monday’s stunning developments in an interview on YES Network’s “Yankees Hot Stove” Monday night, longtime MLB manager and Boone confidante Buck Showalter relayed how the Yankees skipper is feeling amid the fallout.

“I know that (Boone) feels a little vindicated about some of his suspicions,” Showalter said, as transcribed by the New York Post.

When asked how he happened upon the information from Boone, Showalter replied it was “just a text.”

The Yankees are one of the organizations understandably left most embittered by MLB’s conclusion that the Astros employed technologically sophisticated sign-stealing methods during the 2017 regular season and postseason — as well as the 2018 season — to gain an edge on opponents. The Astros of course beat the Yankees in the ALCS in 2017 on the way to a World Series title.

That came before Boone’s time as Yankees skipper, however, although the Bronx Bombers expressed concern over a whistle coming out of the Astros dugout during Game 1 of the 2019 ALCS.

While the Astros were cleared of any wrongdoing at the time, the notion that the team committed such transgressions in the past is presumably why Boone feels vindicated now over his concerns during the 2019 postseason.

“I don’t want to get into any of that, but I did mention it because I know during that time he was pretty vocal about some of it and was kind of ridiculed by some of the Astros people,” Showalter said.

Boone is not the only Yankee to subtly weigh in on the Astros situation since Monday, but with MLB having instituted a gag order on any such commentary, back-channel sniping may be the only option for many left fuming over the Astros’ dubious acts.

That said, there are nevertheless plenty of other individuals, including one of the most controversial figures in MLB history, who have since spoken their piece without fear of reprisal.