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Watch: Announcer invokes partner’s recently deceased dog to praise dunk

Things got really awkward during the telecast of a recent high school basketball game in Minnesota. Given that one of the guys calling the game mentioned his broadcast partner’s recently deceased dog while going bonkers over an emphatic dunk, things were bound to get weird.

The game occurred on Nov. 30 between Prior Lake and East Ridge, but footage of the telecast just recently hit social media. In the video, one announcer is in the midst of an impromptu “Gone but not Forgotten” segment to mourn the passing of his dog when a steal on the court leads to a emphatic dunk on the other end.

The confluence of an on-air ode to the beloved family dog — who was run over at the age of 12 — and the dunk led to possibly the worst on-the-fly riffing in broadcasting history.

Oof. The transcript of the shudder-inducing, cringe-inspiring banter follows.

Announcer 1: “Our sweet Lucy, at the age of 12 she was run over in our driveway …”

Announcer 2: “LIKE THAT?!!! Was she run over like that?!!”

That’s cold-blooded commentary, to say the least.

As luck would have it, an opportunity for a return to normalcy returned quickly thanks to a break in the on-court action, and the announcer who so ruthlessly invoked his broadcast partner’s dead dog had the opportunity to take things down a notch by offering his condolences.

It also merits noting that the scene that played out is not as bafflingly awkward as the above clip makes it seem, as a follow-up story on the viral footage provides the situation some much-needed context.

Still, wow.