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Jason Garrett’s request to call plays in 2019 rebuffed by Jerry Jones

When the Dallas Cowboys declined to offer a contract extension to Jason Garrett ahead of the 2019 season, the head coach is said to have wanted more control over his uncertain future amid a lame-duck campaign. According to a new report, Garrett’s requests were rebuffed by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

During an appearance on Thursday’s edition of “NFL Live,” ESPN NFL insider Ed Werder said that Garrett wanted to handle play-calling duties during the 2019 season, presumably to prove his value. Jones of course instead elevated the inexperienced Kellen Moore to offensive coordinator, effectively putting the kibosh on Garrett having complete oversight and control.

“When they talked last offseason about an extension that Garrett wanted, I was told he wanted the security of the contract or if denied and forced to coach his final season, then Garrett wanted to control his own fate by calling plays,” Werder said, as relayed by Bleacher Report. “He was denied both requests, and Jones promoted Kellen Moore, with one season of coaching experience, to offensive coordinator and empowered him to call plays for the first time in his career.”

As things currently stand, Garrett’s future with the Cowboys is in complete limbo despite the belief that Jones was going to cut him loose following another disappointing season. Garrett is meeting again Thursday with Jones, and a resolution to the situation seems no closer than it did earlier in the week.

The notion that Garrett would remain with the Cowboys organization in some capacity, either as head coach or otherwise, arguably is the strangest way this saga could conclude. That said, Jerry Jones rarely relies upon logic or convention when making a decision — to put it mildly — so anything is conceivably possible at this point.