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LeBron James still not over ‘Most Athletic’ slight in eighth grade

LeBron James is unquestionably one of greatest basketball players of all time, but the Los Angeles Lakers superstar nevertheless remains miffed about being passed over as the most athletic boy in his eighth-grade class.

An image surfaced on social media this week of James’ eighth-grade yearbook from 1999. Then a middle schooler/junior high student in Akron, Ohio, James was declined the “Most Athletic” designation. Instead, classmate Virgil Robinson was bestowed the honor.

The tweet in question was posted in response to a dispatch from Bleacher Report that espoused James’ remarkable NBA accomplishments in recognition of his 35th birthday.

As highlighted in the yearbook note, James also suffered the indignity of having his photograph switched with another classmate. Making matters worse, as the tweet highlights, the yearbook also had his name misspelled as “LaBron.”

Romeo Travis, once James’ high school teammate who has enjoyed a decade-plus long basketball career playing overseas, reacted to the post, stating Robinson indeed deserved the “Most Athletic” accolades.

James, perhaps unsurprisingly, refused to take the above perceived slight from his old friend over the original slight without issuing a response. In a since-deleted, emoji-filled tweet, James scoffed at the notion that he was not the most athletically gifted young man in his eighth-grade class.

“Man knock it off Rome! … I don’t care if he played 1 million sports, wasn’t more athletic than me in 8th grade,” James tweeted.

Into the fray stepped Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum, who also hails from northeast Ohio. According to McCollum, there is perhaps only one way to settle this particular dispute.

Hearing from Robinson probably wouldn’t change James’ belief that he was robbed of being touted as the “Most Athletic” young man in his eight-grade class. That said, it goes without saying that things turned out pretty well for LeBron despite the disappointing setback during his adolescence.