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Le’Veon Bell upon finding HGH blood test notice in locker: ‘I bet I don’t’

Le’Veon Bell struck a defiant tone on Friday morning after finding a notice from the NFL ordering him to undergo an HGH blood test. The New York Jets running back took to social media to threaten he will not comply with the league’s directive to do one.

Upon discovery of the HGH blood test notification, Bell tweeted “I bet I don’t” take yet another one in a season he has undergone several.

Bell’s arguably impetuous response likely stems in large part from his frustration over his perception that he’s been unfairly targeted by the NFL when it comes to the administration of such tests.

In November, Bell railed against the notion that these kind of tests are random by any measure in light of how he was subjected to five HGH blood tests in a period of 10 weeks.

Bell isn’t the first player to question the randomness of league-administered drug tests, nor will he likely be the last. That said, Bell arguably has little choice but to take this latest one, as failure to comply by refusing to appear and/or cooperate with an league-mandated blood test can result in suspension.