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Janoris Jenkins again bungles apology for using offensive term

Before Janoris Jenkins was cut loose by the New York Giants, he attempted to apologize for using an offensive term on Twitter during a social media spat with a fan. His halfhearted comments rang hollow.

Provided another opportunity to own up to his mistake this week after signing with the New Orleans Saints, the cornerback failed to sound sincere yet again.

Jenkins called a fan a “retard” during said Twitter spat that occurred while he was sitting out of a practice last week. The Giants quickly expressed their displeasure over the incident.

Jenkins’ halfhearted and arguably insincere apology included a defense that the use of the slur stemmed from cultural “slang,” a hollow and flimsy excuse the Giants determined was insufficient, so the team released him.

While speaking with reporters in the Saints locker room on Wednesday, Jenkins dropped the ball when attempting to sound contrite over his use of the offensive term.

“I mean, I never stood by it,” Jenkins said, as shared by Amie Just of The Times-Picayune. “They twisted it. I said I’m sorry to whoever I offended. The way I was raised, we got different cultures and different terms that you use. If I was to go out there and say, ‘Hey, you went retarded on [the] football field,’ would you look at it as me talking about somebody disabled? Or would you look at me [as] saying, ‘Oh, he did some crazy stuff out there, some amazing stuff?’

“It’s just different terms and I feel like people just took it the wrong way. Once again, like I did five days ago, I’ll do it again: I apologize if I offended anybody or anybody with those disabilities. I didn’t mean it that way.”

Saints head coach Sean Payton addressed the signing of Jenkins on Wednesday, saying the acquisition gives the team “versatility” at the cornerback position. Jenkins’ social media controversy was not addressed, but it will be interesting to see if Payton is asked at some point about Jenkins’ inability to offer up a sincere apology despite being provided at least two opportunities to do so.