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Draymond Green accuses Blazers of cheating over substitution dispute

Draymond Green essentially called the Portland Trail Blazers cheaters over an incident that occurred during the fourth quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ 122-112 loss on Wednesday night.

The accusation stemmed from what played out at the scorers table with 5:22 remaining in the game. Green was set to substitute into the game, but after approximately 13 seconds, the Warriors star was not yet prepared to step onto the court, as he was still wearing his warmups.

This elicited a complaint from Blazers assistant coach Jim Moran, who pleaded with the officials to not allow Green to enter the game, a request that was granted.

Green, who eventually was allowed to sub in with 4:35 left in the game, was noticeably upset over the situation. On-court mics reportedly caught him yelling something derogatory at the Blazers bench.

Following the loss, Green made his incendiary remarks about the Blazers. Alluding to a recent situation when Chris Paul got officials to call a technical foul on the Timberwolves with 1.1 seconds remaining in the game due to Jordan Bell’s jersey being untucked, Green bemoaned the current state of the NBA.

“Those that cheat the game don’t win in the playoffs,” Green said, as transcribed by Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Bay Area. “Monkey see, monkey do. ‘I see one guy ask for a delay of game and get it, then I’ma ask for one.’ S–t’s weak.

“But that’s the league we in. Everyone cheating the game, whether it’s cheap-a– fouls or asking for a delay of game.”

It goes without saying that an allegation of cheating is a serious charge to levy at an opponent or opposing coaching staff. It’s not to say that Green didn’t have the right to vent about the incident, especially amid such an extremely frustrating season for the Warriors. The case can be made, however, that he took things too far with his fiery rhetoric.