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Chris Paul outfits Thunder teammates with slick custom suits

Oklahoma City Thunder players were looking quite dapper ahead of Wednesday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies at Chesapeake Energy Arena, and all the credit for the stylish duds goes to Chris Paul.

It turns out that Paul brought in a tailor before the start of the season to get measurements of all his Thunder teammates. The fruit of said tailor’s labors were on full display Wednesday when the team arrived at the arena.

The Thunder showcased Paul’s contributions to his teammates’ wardrobes on Twitter.

Steven Adams, who admits he tends to prefer more casual attire, was arguably the biggest hit at the Thunder’s pregame fashion show.

“He was like, ‘Wear it to the game, it’s a team thing,'” Adams said, per Royce Young of ESPN. “I was like, ‘Ah s—, I have to wear it.’ I was just gonna hang it up.”

Paul also weighed in on the entire Thunder team rocking their new suits, stressing how he hoped it helped the players bond.

“This summer I was at home and saw something with my family, and I remember as a young guy I didn’t necessarily have different things and whatnot, and it was just a gift,” Paul said. “[Darius Bazley] said this is the first suit he ever had, so to see him is cool.

“And the cool part about it isn’t even what it is, it’s that fact we did it together.”

Adding a dose of humor to the otherwise fantastic fashion show, Adams relayed the next time he intends to rock the suit gifted by Paul.

“Probably my funeral, mate,” Adams said.