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Watch: Shaq claims to have proof Stevie Wonder isn’t blind

Shaquille O’Neal spun a yarn during Thursday night’s “Inside the NBA” show on TNT during which he outrageously claimed to have proof that legendary music icon Stevie Wonder isn’t really blind.

Shaq did not appear interested in sharing the story, but fellow analyst Kenny Smith, who claimed to have heard the tale before, convinced him to do so.

In essence, O’Neal contends that a chance encounter in an apartment building confirmed Wonder’s sight, as the musician apparently recognized him.

“It’s a true story,” O’Neal said, as transcribed by Clutch Points. “We lived in a building on Wiltshire. I’m coming through the lobby and the door opens. It’s Stevie Wonder. He comes in and says ‘What’s up, Shaq? How you doin’, big dog?’ He presses the (elevator) button, gets off on his floor, buys something and goes to his room.

“I went and called every person I knew.”

It’s difficult to ascertain if Shaq truly believes Stevie Wonder has been lying to the world for decades about his blindness or if the Hall of Famer simply pulling everyone’s legs.

Either way, it’s one wild story, and Shaq’s fellow TNT panelists sure thought it was a hoot. In other words, it was business as usual Thursday night on the set of “Inside the NBA,” without question the best studio show in all of sports.