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Phil Mickelson dons Stars and Stripes onesie to cheer on U.S. at Presidents Cup

Phil Mickelson may not be part of the U.S. squad for the Presidents Cup with the competition getting underway Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia, but he’s certainly there in spirit. This has been made abundantly clear by his choice of attire as he takes in all the action.

In a tweet shared by Mickelson, the veteran of countless international competitions is shown reclining comfortably on a sectional couch while watching five sizable flat screen TVs. To top it all off, Mickelson has draped himself in a Stars and Stripes-themed onesie to demonstrate his patriotism.

Gotta support the team.

The outrageous attire, not to mention how he’s sipping out of a trophy — that contains coffee, Mickelson notes in a hashtag — obviously is what stands out most in the footage.

Mickelson does also manage to sneak in a #cavslikeadonis hashtag, an allusion to how Mickelson went viral earlier this year thanks to his shockingly sculpted calves.

A tweet shared by Mickelson showcasing his lower-leg muscles became such a hit on social media that it elicited interactions on Twitter between himself and Tom Brady, not to mention Stephen Curry.

All humor associated with Mickelson’s patriotic onesie and hashtag chicanery aside, being left off America’s Presidents Cup roster must still sting quite a bit for the 49-year-old golf legend. After all, until this time around, Mickelson has been on every U.S. international team since 1994.

That said, Mickelson has developed an affinity for self-deprecating humor in recent years. Perhaps he’s just fine sitting out this edition of the Presidents Cup, especially given his struggles over the past year. The onesie arguably proves it.