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LeBron James chastised by woman for dropping f-bomb: ‘Watch your mouth’

LeBron James ran afoul of a woman in attendance at the Los Angeles Lakers’ 142-125 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday over him dropping an f-bomb, and she made it clear she did not appreciate him uttering the expletive.

James was making his way to the Lakers’ bench during the second quarter when he dropped the aforementioned f-bomb. A woman seated in the vicinity could be seen in footage shared on Twitter — sans audio, so lip-reading is necessary — appearing to say, “Watch your mouth.”

James did not appear to catch the woman’s admonition of his coarse language. That said, the footage doesn’t track the superstar all the way to the bench, so it’s possible he heard what she had to say as she scolded him.

Hearing NBA players drop an f-bomb or another expletive or two obviously comes with the territory when attending a game, especially when seated as close to the court as the woman who chided James for his potty mouth. That’s never going to change.

Further, had James heard the woman, odds are it would have elicited a chuckle or some other innocuous response as opposed to a contemplation about whether he should avoid engaging in such ribaldry.