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Meeting between Stephen Strasburg, Yankees reportedly ‘went well’

The New York Yankees are big-game hunting in free agency this offseason, and on Wednesday the team met with one of the most coveted targets on the market, Stephen Strasburg.

Even better for the Yankees, the meeting “went well,” according to Mark Feinsand of, who reports that the two parties spoke about organizational philosophy, the New York market and such but declined to discuss specifics when it comes to money.

The Yankees’ aggressive approach to the MLB hot stove ahead of the 2020 campaign is exemplified by how the team not only has met with Strasburg but also Gerrit Cole, who comprise 1 and 1a when it comes to the top starting pitchers available in free agency.

Concerning Strasburg, there has been some speculation that the Yankees might not be a good fit for him due to the nature of playing in the pressure-packed environment in New York.

Addressing that notion this week on “MLB Now,” MLB Network insider John Hart offered up a slightly ambivalent take.

“You never know,” Hart said, per “At first blush, no! He doesn’t look like he’s a fit in New York.

“But look, you see what this guy did in the postseason. I think he surprised a lot of people that said this guy doesn’t have the personality and all of a sudden you look up and he’s dancing. He’s dealing.”

In any event, the Yankees should be considered major players in the pursuit of both Strasburg and Cole. Landing either of them won’t come cheap, however, as Cole is projected to land a deal in the range of six years and $240 million deal, while Strasburg is expected to command a contract comprising approximately five years and $175 million.