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Kevin Durant roasts Fat Joe over slam about not signing with Knicks

Kevin Durant will not be able to amaze NBA fans with his on-court exploits until next season, but he remains All-Star-caliber with his social media game.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Fat Joe ripped both Durant and Kyrie Irving for choosing to sign with the Brooklyn Nets over the New York Knicks. The rapper argued that when it came to the pressure of playing for the Knicks, the two superstars “didn’t want that smoke.”

“Kyrie and Durant — they didn’t want that New York Knicks pressure,” Fat Joe said. “They didn’t want that media attention. They didn’t want Sports Illustrated being right in the back yard. They didn’t want that, so they said, ‘Alright, we want New York, but let’s do the lesser of the drama. Let’s go to Brooklyn.’”

Durant’s response? Let’s just say the Nets superstar smoked Fat Joe, intimating that the rapper called him and Irving out to generate buzz for his soon-to-be released new album.

It was long believed heading into this last offseason that Durant signing with the Knicks was an inevitability, and the belief was Irving would be joining him. The two instead joined forces in Brooklyn, of course, with Durant stating his free-agency decision was “nothing major” against the Knicks.

Irving, meanwhile, reportedly had concerns over the ongoing organizational dysfunction that has long plagued the Knicks front office.

As far as Durant’s phenomenal clap-back at Fat Joe is concerned, though, the Nets superstar is known for surfacing on social media to settle scores (sometimes anonymously), engage in lengthy debates or respond to criticism. It’s no surprise Durant rose again to react to such a public shading.