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Sean Payton offers up novel suggestion to resolve replay review issues

The New Orleans Saints came up yet again on the wrong end of a controversial call, this time during Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers. In its wake, Sean Payton has offered up a novel solution to the NFL’s replay review controversies, specifically when it comes to pass interference challenges.

Payton believes the current system, in which NFL senior vice president of officiating, Al Riveron solely handles replay reviews in New York, should be replaced with a three-person crew.

“You know, we don’t have one Supreme Court justice,” Payton observed while noting that the Canadian Football League utilizes a three-member review team.

Payton actually played an integral role in getting the new replay review system implemented. However, Payton, along with many other outspoken critics, finds fault in how the system is being administered.

Payton made sure to mention that he believes Riveron is doing an “outstanding” job. Yet, the Saints coach believes that pass interference replay reviews should be done by more than one person.

“I think he’s got a tough job,” Payton said of Riveron. “And when you have a group of three, I think you’re gonna arrive at more consistent calls.”

The most recent controversial pass interference call that did not go the Saints’ way came in Sunday’s 34-31 narrow victory over the Panthers. It came in the fourth quarter when Panthers head coach Ron Rivera won a challenge on review when Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson was ultimately called for pass interference against Jarius Wright after it was not called on the field.

The Panthers went on to miss on a field goal attempt and the Saints of course ultimately won the game, but Payton nevertheless believes the NFL must tighten up replay review protocol.

“It wasn’t our best game, and by far it wasn’t their best game,” Payton said when asked about the penalty calls on Sunday. “And quite honestly, it wasn’t New York’s best game [a reference to the NFL’s command center, where Riveron makes the replay decisions], as relayed by ESPN.