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Tom Brady addresses ‘frustrating’ win over Eagles

Tom Brady was clearly in a bad mood earlier this week despite the New England Patriots reaching 9-1 on the season following Sunday’s 17-10 road victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, but he now appears to be in better spirits.

Brady’s sour disposition seemed to stem mostly from his frustration over the Patriots’ ongoing struggles to find consistency and success on offense, especially in recent weeks.

With some time to refresh and refocus, Brady has taken on a much more pragmatic perspective as the week has progressed about what lies ahead for the Patriots. In an interview with Jim Gray aired during Westwood One’s coverage of “Thursday Night Football,” Brady explained how he flipped the switch.

“Yeah, I’m doing good. Good couple of days of practice,” Brady said, as transcribed by “The football season is dealing with lots of different emotions. You deal with the physical part, the mental part, and the emotional part is very important as well. I always want us to go out and play great. Sometimes when we don’t, it’s frustrating. But, that is football season.

“Fortunately, we get to go out there on Sunday and try and go against one of the best teams in the NFL and find some rhythm on offense and score some points. I think that will make all of us very happy.”

Much has been made this season about the possibility that Brady’s age is finally catching up with him, although one person with knowledge of such things disagrees with that assertion.

That notion aside, Brady rightfully recognizes that the Patriots will face a difficult challenge in the postseason if the team has to solely rely on their dominant defense. The offense has to start pulling its own weight, and the onus is on Brady, despite some issues on that side of the ball, to lead the way. That realization as much as anything explains Brady’s bad mood of late.

And with a challenging showdown with the Dallas Cowboys coming Sunday afternoon, it would be a good time as any to alter that particular narrative.