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Chicago mayor calls out Bears K Eddy Pineiro: ‘Find your leg again’

Things are bad for embattled Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro heading into Sunday’s game against the Giants. So bad, in fact, that Pineiro was called out this week by none other than Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot.

During a press conference Wednesday, Lightfoot, a Bears season-ticket holder, provided her thoughts on the team’s disappointing 4-6 season. Not only did she take a shot at Pineiro, she also blasted the Bears’ anemic offense as called by head coach Matt Nagy and run by Mitchell Trubisky, who also has been subjected to a fair share of derision this season.

“Find an offense,” Lightfoot said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “And Eddy Pineiro, find your leg again.”

Interestingly, Lightfoot actually met Pineiro before the Bears’ season opener and wished him well. It sounds like her opinion of the kicker has soured a bit.

Pineiro has had an up-and-down season, but things took a turn for the worse in last week’s loss to the Rams on Sunday night when he missed two first-quarter field goal attempts. Those critical misses were preceded by Pineiro bemoaning the selected spot on a missed 41-yard attempt during the Bears’ 17-16 loss to the Chargers last month.

The Bears conducted an exhaustive process this past offseason to find a new kicker after the team unceremoniously cut loose last season’s pariah, Cody Parkey (arguably for good reason).

Back to Lightfoot’s savage shot at the beleaguered Bears and their struggling kicker. It turns out the Bears came up when Lightfoot was asked about her Thanksgiving plans next week.

With the Bears set to face the Lions on Turkey Day, Lightfoot was lukewarm at best about the prospects of Chicago coming out of Detroit with a win.

“My mother’s actually a big football fan … so I’m sure she’ll watch a little bit of it,” Lightfoot said. “The question is, ‘Will it be worth watching?’ That remains to be seen.”