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Bucs at a loss over how to fix Jameis Winston’s turnover woes

Jameis Winston is the worst quarterback in the NFL over the past handful of seasons when it comes to turning over the ball by a huge margin, and somehow things in that regard are even bleaker this season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen insists every effort is being made to fix the issue, but admits the solution remains out of reach.

“We haven’t gotten them fixed. It has to get fixed. And he knows it,” Christensen recently told “I know it. We all know that. And I think the hardest thing to teach in this league is a quarterback who can get himself out of trouble and make some plays.

“We struggled with it with Andrew [Luck] on it a lot — when to give up on a play,” Christensen, who served as Colts quarterbacks coach from 2012-15, continued. “When do you cut your losses and get rid of the ball and punt it? These guys are wired such that it’s hard for them to give up on a play. You know, I get frustrated like [Jameis] does, like fans do, like everybody does.”

On the season, Winston has 18 interceptions, most in the league, and has four lost fumbles.

Since entering the league in 2015, Winston has a staggering 76 interceptions and 49 fumbles, by far the most by any player. Following his five-pick game in a loss to the Panthers on Oct. 13, evidence of Winston’s ineptitude when it comes to avoiding turnovers turned downright damning.

It certainly appears in light of Christensen’s comments that Bucs are at least somewhat calling Winston out for his awful turnover issues. That will not stop the Buccaneers coaching staff from attempting to fix things, however.

“We obviously haven’t found the right answer but we try everything, you know,” Christensen said. “It’s kind of, I feel like we’re rephrasing it in a different way, looking at it from a different angle every single week. We do different things.”