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Brett Favre: Tom Brady’s age has nothing to do with struggles

Tom Brady is not putting up the same kind of numbers this season that NFL fans have grown accustomed to over his Hall of Fame career, and some insiders, pundits and the like are beginning to wonder if his age is finally catching up with him.

Brett Favre, who obviously knows a thing or two about playing the quarterback position as well as anyone at an advanced age, has dismissed the notion that Brady’s age has anything to do with this season’s struggles out of the New England Patriots offense.

The Hall of Famer weighed in on the Brady situation this week during his show on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Admitting that certain aspects of playing the quarterback position can become more difficult as one gets older, Favre heralded the 42-year-old Brady as the “greatest pocket passer ever” and added “there’s no reason why he can’t play as long as he wants.”

I don’t think that this has anything to do with age at all,” Favre said of Brady, as transcribed by NBC Sports BostonFor whatever reason the Patriots, they’re not clicking on offense, and it’s not a result of Tom being in his 40s.

It’s timing, maybe the offensive line they’ve had a few changes there and he’s feeling a little bit of pressure from one side versus the other, and it’s just not right right now. But I think it is way too soon to write them off and I think it is absurd to mention age right now as a factor in why they’re struggling.

Brady has made his frustration over how things are going with the offense abundantly clear, as he’s publicly bemoaned the unit’s overall struggles a few times already this season. That said, the Patriots are nevertheless tops in the AFC at 9-1.

As the old saying goes, “Father Time is undefeated” when it comes to athletes getting up there in years. Brady has long envisioned playing into his mid-40s if not longer, and despite some stumbles out of the Patriots offense this season, there’s no reason at this point to count him out.