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Jim Harbaugh delivers odd potato salad line about Michigan’s resurgence

The Michigan Wolverines are on a roll, and head coach Jim Harbaugh, known for delivering off-the-wall one-liners from time to time, colorfully characterized how the team’s recent resurgence came to fruition.

Following a tough loss to Penn State on Oct. 19, the Wolverines (8-2, 5-2 in Big Ten play) have rattled off three straight victories in convincing fashion. The wins came against Notre Dame (45-14), Maryland (38-7) and culminated in a throttling of Michigan State (44-10) last Saturday.

Addressing the sudden surge, Harbaugh relied upon an adage about potatoes, of all things, that he either came up entirely with on his own or is mostly unknown.

Harbaugh’s entire quote on Michigan’s development follows, as relayed by the Detroit Free-Press.

“I’ve just seen continued improvement from our team. Talked about what I’ve seen is tremendous effort by our team. When you get that, you can get everything else,” Harbaugh said. “Seen continuous development, improvement by the team. Everybody wants to talk about, was it this since the Penn State game, since the second half, why is your team better, what’s the biggest thing?

“The team’s just been improving, getting better. You can’t plant potatoes one day and expect to eat potato salad the next day. You need some time to develop.”

As noted, Harbaugh is known for possessing the ability to turn an offbeat phrase from time to time, and his potato-potato salad quip is no different. It’s unclear, however, whether Harbaugh believes the “potatoes” the Wolverines have planted are near enough to harvest to start making potato salad preparations, but the one-liner certainly is a memorable one.