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Carmelo Anthony shares why he’s wearing ’00’ with Blazers

Carmelo Anthony officially became a member of the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday, and along with that news came the announcement that the veteran superstar will wear a “00” jersey with his new team.

Why did he choose to wear such a unique number? Well, Anthony himself took to Instagram to explain it all, albeit in somewhat mystical and mathematical terms.

What’s interesting about Anthony choosing to wear “00,” though, is that No. 7, which the superstar has worn since signing with the New York Knicks in 2010 — and did so as well during subsequent stints with the Thunder and Rockets — was available with the Blazers, as it was last worn years ago by Brandon Roy.

It merits noting that Anthony was forced to change from the No. 15 he wore throughout his collegiate career at Syracuse and during his early NBA career with the Denver Nuggets because it was retired by the Knicks in honor of Earl Monroe and Dick McGuire. Interestingly enough, No. 15 was also available to him with the Blazers, so Anthony could have returned to his old number as well.

Perhaps most confusing of all, however, is that Anthony references No. 7 repeatedly in his Instagram message, from “I WILL ALWAYS BE 7” to the hashtags, #007, #GRA7FUL and #STAYME7O. Between that and the hippy-dippy, metaphysical musings in the shared image that explain why he chose “00,” it’s all a bunch of weirdness.