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Tom Brady on body coach’s comments on future: ‘We’ll see how long it goes’

The body coach of Tom Brady made some interesting comments during an interview this week about how long the New England Patriots quarterback believes he can continue his NFL career. To no surprise, the topic came up during Brady’s first interview following his body coach’s remarks.

Alex Guerrero, Brady’s trainer, body coach, business partner and confidant, relayed during an interview Thursday morning on WEEI that the 42-year-old signal-caller envisions potentially playing until he’s 46 or 47.

When asked by Jim Gray about Guerrero’s remarks on Westwood One’s coverage of “Thursday Night Football,” Brady neither confirmed nor denied his body coach’s characterization of his career plans. That said, Brady did indicate he intends to play as long as possible.

“I’m feeling pretty great,” Brady said, as transcribed by WEEI. “I have the support of Alex and we have a great relationship and we work together a lot. He keeps me feeling good. It’s actually amazing what he’s able to do and accomplish, the two of us together.

“I am going to keep playing as long as I can. We’ll see how long it goes. Easier said than done. I know the kind of effort I am putting in right now, but what a great privilege to play a sport that I love. I think a lot of people would actually pay money to play quarterback in the NFL and the fact that people pay me money makes it pretty amazing.”

Brady has repeatedly insisted he can play well into his late 40s, so Guerrero’s comments echo the quarterback’s long-expressed sentiments. At the same time, it’s believed Brady views playing until age 45 as a more realistic goal.

However, Brady did insist earlier this season that he’s taking a “day-by-day” approach when it comes to his NFL future, which incidentally may or may not include the Patriots once he becomes a free agent after this season.

It seems that Brady has no intention of calling it a career once his remarkable 20th NFL season concludes early next year. Beyond that, perhaps only Brady and his inner circle — including Guerrero — are aware of his plans.