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Bill Belichick mocks social media in comments on Myles Garrett incident

Bill Belichick is notorious for being bullish when it comes to goings-on in the NFL beyond the New England Patriots’ next opponent.

It is no surprise, then, that the coach’s curmudgeonly approach to inquiries he finds annoying came out when he was asked Friday about the ugly incident involving Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph on Thursday night.

Garrett has already been suspended indefinitely by the NFL, with the “minimum” being the rest of this season and any games the Browns may play in the postseason.

The prompt and severe punishment stemmed from Garett ripping off Rudolph’s helmet and hitting the Steelers quarterback in the head with it in arguably one of the ugliest on-field incidents in NFL history.

During Belichick’s meeting with the media on Friday morning ahead of the announcement of Garrett’s suspension, the Patriots head coach was asked for his general reaction to what occurred.

“Oh, really?” Belichick sarcastically replied, per NBC Sports Boston, when a reporter noted that the Garrett incident is presently the biggest news in the NFL.

After noting that the Patriots did indeed address the handling of such incidents on Friday morning, Belichick observed in such instances as the one that played out Thursday night, “Every situation is different.”

When Mike Reiss of ESPN followed up with a question in which he referenced Belichick’s aversion to “SnapFace” — a term Belichick has infamously used when discussing social media — the Patriots head coach surprisingly played along, albeit with a response dripping with sarcasm.

Reiss: “It’s pretty normal for you to go on your SnapFace first thing every morning?”

Belichick (smiling): “Pretty much. See what happened, check it out, absolutely. Interact with everybody, see what they think, get my opinions out there. I don’t want to get left behind on that. Then brush my teeth.”

As noted, Belichick has frequently expressed his disdain for social media, although it’s believed how he erroneously refers to social media platforms┬áby comically incorrect names is done deliberately. That said, despite the gravity of the Garrett situation, Belichick riffing on his SnapFace bit never gets old.