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Antonio Brown tweets support for Mason Rudolph in strange fashion

Antonio Brown has tweeted out his support for Mason Rudolph in the wake of his former teammate getting bashed in the head with his own helmet by Myles Garrett during the ugly Pittsburgh Steelers-Cleveland Browns showdown on “Thursday Night Football.”

It’s the manner in which Brown backed Rudolph over arguably one of the ugliest on-field incidents in NFL history, though, is what makes the tweet even more interesting.

In a tweet shared by Brown on Friday morning, the unemployed wide receiver included an image from an infamous play from his tenure with the Steelers when he kicked then-Browns punter Spencer Lanning in the head during a punt return back in 2014.

Brown added the caption, “This is for you, Mason!!!!”

The play in question resulted in Brown being fined $8,200 by the NFL. Incidentally, it also led to Brown commissioning a custom Fathead in honor of his antics.

The dust obviously is far from settled amid the fallout from Garrett’s actions late in the Browns’ 21-7 win over the Steelers, which will likely conclude with the defensive end being suspended for the rest of the season, if not far worse punishments and/or consequences.

Footage of what transpired during the melee is indeed disturbing.

Garrett ripping off Rudolph’s helmet and hitting the Steelers quarterback in the head with it unsurprisingly has been almost universally condemned. The NFL without question has no choice but to mete out a severe, if not historic, punishment in light of Garrett’s actions.

Brown, meanwhile, finds himself potentially facing a suspension as well, although his meeting Thursday with the NFL reportedly “went as well as it could have,” per Dan Graziano of ESPN.