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Ryan Fitzpatrick relishes spoiling Dolphins’ ‘Tank for Tua’ narrative

Every season, fans of bottom-feeding NFL teams come up with some clever slogan that articulates hope that their squad will end up as the worst team in the league, thereby snagging the top pick in the following year’s draft.

This season, “Tank for Tua,” as in Alabama Crimson Tide standout quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, is the rallying cry for fans of the NFL’s most hopeless teams.

While the Miami Dolphins organization has hardly hidden the fact that it is in full-on tank mode, the team has rattled off two straight victories over the similarly hapless New York Jets and playoff contender Indianapolis Colts. The winning streak followed an 0-7 start, arguably putting the “Tank for Tua” push in peril.

While that may upset some of the team’s fans hoping for the worst, Ryan Fitzpatrick is relishing how he’s playing a role in spoiling the narrative.

“No, not yet. It’s an interesting narrative that obviously has been following our team the whole year, but it’s been nice to get two wins and to kill the narrative a little bit,” Fitzpatrick said during a conference call this week with the Buffalo media ahead of Sunday’s showdown with the Bills, via the New York Post.

If the season ended today, the Dolphins are slotted with the No. 5 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, “trailing” the Bengals (0-9), Redskins (1-8), Giants (2-8) and Jets (2-7).

Fitzpatrick has had to navigate an up-and-down season before leading the Dolphins to two straight victories, going from anointed starter in Week 1 to Josh Rosen’s backup and back to starting quarterback amid the Dolphins’ disappointing season.

While the grizzled veteran signal-caller has not quite re-conjured the “Fitzmagic” of last season, he’s doing enough to lead the Dolphins to wins.

“You can definitely feel the momentum shifting,” Fitzpatrick told One Bills Live ahead of Sunday’s game.

“We’ve strung together some really good weeks at practice. We’ve got good energy in the building right now and hopefully that continues. We’re slowly figuring out we can be a good football team.”

Good news for Dolphins players. Bad news for “Tank for Tua” devotees among the team’s fan base.