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Carmelo Anthony on chances he’s back in NBA this season: ‘2,000%’

Carmelo Anthony is extremely optimistic that his NBA purgatory will finally come to end sometime during the 2019-20 season, saying this week that he is “2,000%” confident it will happen.

Approached by a TMZ Sports camera crew in Los Angeles, Anthony made it clear he wasn’t in town for talks with the Clippers or Lakers. Instead, the longtime NBA star made a generalized comment on the situation, stating, “We’re figuring it out.”

On the other hand, Anthony suggested a reunion with the Knicks potentially would pique his interest, although the superstar acknowledged beggars can’t be choosers in light of his longtime exile.

“We open man,” Anthony said. “We open to every opportunity.”

While other basketball options outside of the NBA have been floated for Anthony, the 35-year-old nevertheless has held on to the belief that he belongs in the biggest basketball league on the planet.

That said, Anthony averaged a career-low 13.4 points during his brief 10-game stint at the start of last season with the Houston Rockets, shooting 40.5% from the field and 32.8% from the three-point line. He has not seen an NBA court since.

The most recent word on Anthony’s NBA prospects came in September when it was reported that some veteran Brooklyn Nets players were pressuring the front office to sign the superstar. That of course never came to fruition, or at least hasn’t yet.

Further, it was believed that pal LeBron James would campaign for Anthony to join the Lakers. That hasn’t worked out, either.

There were also allegations during this past offseason that NBA front offices have essentially blacklisted Anthony. Whether that is true or not cannot be substantiated.

How everything shakes out for Anthony and whether he finds a job in the NBA this season, as he has confidently predicted, obviously remains to be seen.