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Giancarlo Stanton wants Yankees to sign both Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg

Arguing that a team “can never have too many” top-tier talents on the roster, Giancarlo Stanton recently suggested that the New York Yankees should not limit themselves to the pursuit of one free-agent ace and instead go after both Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg.

The Yankees slugger was recently approached by a TMZ Sports camera crew and proceeded to sing the praises of the outstanding starters.

“You can never go wrong with Cole and Strasburg!” Stanton said.

“I’m pretty sure Gerrit grew up a Yankees fan, so he’d always like to do that,” Stanton continued. “And, Stras, we debuted together, so he’d like that.”

Regarding the complicated logistics involved in signing the two aces, not to mention committing to ponying up the obscene amount of money it would require to accomplish such a feat? Stanton presumably prefers to leave that up to the brain wizards that comprise Yankees ownership and front office.

To wit: According to one MLB executive, the 29-year-old Cole is expected to land a deal of approximately seven years worth $33-35 million per season. If that estimate holds, Cole is in line for a long-term deal of about $231 million, which would be the largest ever given to a pitcher.

While the 31-year-old Strasburg will not land a contract as large as Cole, the former Nationals starter will undoubtedly get paid, and get paid big time.

Stanton’s push for the Yankees to sign both Cole and Strasburg comes on the heels of CC Sabathia revealing he is pitching the Yankees to the former Astros ace. The newly retired Yankees starter said he has spoken to Cole “many times” about the appeal of pitching in pinstripes.