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Alex Caruso jokes about getting hurt by LeBron James’ chest bumps

LeBron James is a large and powerful man, even by NBA standards. Standing 6-foot-9 and weighing in at a muscular 250 pounds, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s combined size and strength is arguably unparalleled in the league.

It’s with that in mind that perhaps it should not be all that surprising that Lakers guard Alex Caruso — all 186 pounds of him stretched across a 6-foot-5 frame, felt the need to joke about how he tends to get hurt anytime James chest bumps him.

The Lakers shared a tweet in which an aggressive James chest bump absorbed by Caruso seemed to cause the guard to buckle a bit. Then, the Lakers shared video of Caruso cracking wise about the injurious nature of said celebratory routine.

“Yeah, Bron’s gotta watch out. He doesn’t understand the physics of that,” Caruso said. “He’s got like 60-80 pounds on me.”

Caruso went on to explain that James’ teammates have no choice but to accept the punishment.

“He gets hype, I get hype, we just roll with it,” Caruso said before adding he’s not too worried about ending up seriously injured, saying, “Nah, I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright.”

Given that Caruso gets to enjoy being a teammate of King James — not to mention having a role on an NBA-best 6-1 Lakers squad — it’s safe to say he’ll continue enduring the chest-bump body blows with a grimace on his face, if not a smile.