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MetLife Stadium black cat still on the loose after ‘MNF’ star turn

The black cat whose appearance on “Monday Night Football” was arguably the highlight of the Dallas Cowboys’ 37-18 win over the host New York Giants remains on the prowl, according to a MetLife Stadium statement.

Play was stopped during the second quarter as the feline made its way around the gridiron before ultimately running through an end zone and into a tunnel.

A dispatch later Monday night from the official Twitter account of MetLife Stadium relayed that the black cat has not yet been safely captured. Once that occurs, the feline will be taken to a vet for an examination, per the tweet.

Interestingly, it appears that stray cats, of which there are said to be several, are known to strut around MetLife Stadium, but usually only after a game, not during one.

Footage of the black cat’s appearance on the field unsurprisingly became a viral sensation on social media, and perhaps one of the more amusing videos to emerge features an Indiana couple’s cats becoming transfixed by the situation playing out on television.

“My husband said, ‘Well, how would a cat get in there?’ But, it is an outdoor stadium,” Cindy Saucier recalled, per the Associated Press, as she captured her two 6-month-old cats, Max and Leo, on camera as they jumped onto a TV stand to watch the stadium cat from a different angle, via the New York Post.

The black cat stealing the show of course is only the most recent instance of an animal interrupting a sporting event. Typically, these incidents inspire a “Rally [Insert Animal Here]” craze.

Then, there are occasions — like the one that played out at MetLife Stadium — where the fate of the creature is left uncertain after an appearance. Hopefully, the black cat’s story ends favorably, as was the case when the Cleveland Browns’ “Rally Possum” captured sports fans’ collective imagination back in 2018.