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Antonio Brown reacts to getting clowned by Halloween costumes

NFL fans had some fun with their Halloween costumes at Antonio Brown’s expense, and the out-of-work wide receiver appeared to be unimpressed with the clownery.

The prevailing theme of the costumed mockery was portraying Brown as a clown, with fans gussying themselves up with face paint while wearing a Brown jersey. One fan even doctored up a Steelers Brown jersey to read “CLOWN.”

What was most interesting, though, was how Brown could not help himself and actually chose to react to said fans’ social media dispatches.

While “go get some candy” might have been Brown’s best All Hallows’ Eve comeback — which he relied upon on another occasion — there were a handful of other retorts that illustrated Brown’s thoughts on the clownish antics.

One fan elected to forgo the clown theme and instead ridiculed Brown by portraying him as a “teamless” person.

Brown’s responses seemed to be in the tone of sarcastic amusement, so the case can be made that he wasn’t overly offended by costumes. That said, the fact that the mercurial wide receiver remains in NFL purgatory into November — arguably for logical and understandable reasons from teams’ perspectives — must be disconcerting for Brown amid the Halloween hijinks.