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Kevin Durant: Draymond Green feud played role in leaving Warriors

Kevin Durant has admitted his feud with Draymond Green “definitely” played a role in his decision to leave the Golden State Warriors.

The issue of Durant’s decision to move on from the Warriors and sign with the Brooklyn Nets was brought up during his appearance Thursday morning on ESPN’s “First Take.”

When asked if the highly publicized disconnect between himself and Green influenced how his free-agency deliberations led him to Brooklyn instead of staying with the Warriors , Durant, said, “A little bit, yeah, for sure.”

“I mean, your teammate talk to you that way, you think about it a bit. But you know, like I said, we talked about it,” Durant continued. “But definitely. For sure. I’m not going to lie about it.”

The on-court confrontation between Green and Durant that spawned a contentious and very public feud of course was one of the biggest stories of the 2018-19 NBA season. While the two were able to work things out to a certain extent, it’s now evident that irreparable damage was done.

Further, given how there were already rumors that Durant was set to leave the Warriors in free agency before the situation only reinforced the belief that the superstar was as good as gone at season’s end.

Interestingly, Green recently opened up about the drama that unfolded between himself and Durant last season. The Warriors star admitted fault for his role in the feud and lamented how his stubbornness played a significant role in allowing the situation to spin out of control.

Regarding Durant’s recent comments, by no means is his admission that the Green drama played a role in him leaving the Warriors a shocking one. That said, it certainly illustrates how the story still merits interest, as both Durant and Green are still being asked about the split to this day.