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Matt Nagy addresses Eddy Pineiro’s comments on spot preference

Matt Nagy spoke at length Wednesday about Eddy Pineiro’s comments regarding his missed potential game-winning field goal attempt on Sunday, but the Chicago Bears head coach downplayed any possible fallout from the remarks.

Pineiro indicated on Tuesday that the he prefers having the ball placed in the middle of the field, not the left hash, which is where the his missed 41-yard attempt came from during the Bears’ 17-16 loss to the Chargers.

Nagy, who has also taken heat for having Mitchell Trubisky take a knee instead of moving the ball further down the field before the ill-fated attempt — addressed the situation while meeting with reporters Wednesday.

“We have a communication process that we believe in and that we use,” Nagy said, via ESPN. “There’s going to be a lot of scenarios as we go. There’s so many different situations, whether — what time is on the clock, what’s the down and distance, where’s the ball at, etc. At that point in time, where we were, we felt really good about Eddy, in a lot of ways, making that kick.

“There are a lot of things that go through kickers’ minds in a lot of different ways throughout a game. And whatever his was, we completely support it. Again, there’s a lot of communication that goes on. That’s what we did. And we felt good when that kick went up from that distance. We felt really good that he was going to make it. And so did Eddy. He didn’t make it. And again, I lost zero trust in him as a kicker and if we get into that situation again, he’s going to nail it.”

Nagy of course had issues with the team’s former kicker from last season — for valid reasons — and the Bears went through an exhaustive process during the offseason and training camp before settling on Pineiro.

The fact that Nagy went to bat for his kicker merits noting, but the safe assumption is he does not appreciate Pineiro commenting publicly on the issue. After all, such candidness contributed to ultimately ushering in the ouster of Pineiro’s predecessor.