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Le’Veon Bell ‘happy as hell’ about staying with Jets after deadline drama

Le’Veon Bell shared an encouraging video message Tuesday following some NFL trade deadline drama that reportedly involved the New York Jets fielding inquiries on the running back.

Despite the belief that the Jets endeavored to learn what they could get by dealing him, Bell insists he’s “happy as hell” to be staying with the team.

The Jets without question have struggled in a season that began with a sense of optimism. The plan to take the next step quickly got off course, though, thanks to Sam Darnold missing games after being diagnosed with mono.

Bell, it merits noting, has not enjoyed a great start to his Jets’ career, either. In his video message, the struggling Jets running back asks the team’s fans — many of whom are understandably dejected by the 1-6 start — that “patience is key.”

“I need everyone to understand, it takes a process to build a winning program, to build a winning organization. I’m happy as hell to be a New York Jet,” Bell said, as transcribed by the New York Post. “I’m happy to be here despite all the trade rumors and talks. I’m here and I’m happy to be here.

“But everybody just has to have a little bit of patience, just a little bit of patience. If it happened overnight, it would be a bunch of teams snapping their fingers and making it happen. But I understand it take a process.”

Given Bell’s tumultuous tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers — at least toward its end — his message preaching patience arguably should be interpreted as an encouraging sign of his commitment to the Jets.

That being said, the Jets undoubtedly would like to see more production out of Bell as part of the building of a “winning organization,” as he himself mentions in his message. That isn’t to say that Bell is solely responsible for his disappointing season, as there’s obviously plenty of blame to go around when it comes to the dysfunctional Jets organization.

At the very least, Bell seemingly is happy he’s still with the Jets.