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Kobe Bryant has great line about never returning for guaranteed title

Speculation, or at least fanfare, surrounding Kobe Bryant potentially coming out of retirement have strangely hounded the Los Angeles Lakers legend ever since he hung up his sneakers for good after the 2016 season.

Why there is some belief that Bryant, now 41, would actually return to play in the NBA after all these years while other superstars are allowed to quietly enjoy retirement is something of a conundrum. That being said, Bryant is still confronted with questions about coming out of retirement to this day.

In the most recent instance of this continued and confounding exercise, Bryant was asked if he would indeed return to the court under the assurances he would be guaranteed it would end with another NBA title.

The topic arose during Bryant’s interview with Kristen Ledlow and Candace Parker for their podcast. To put it plainly, Kobe would never want something to be cherished to come so easily.

“I like my rings the hard way,” Bryant, winner of five NBA titles, said. “I like fighting for them and earning them. I don’t like jumping to the easier route, so I wouldn’t take it.”

That quote is quintessential Kobe. Further, the notion that Bryant would be assured a championship would operate under the assumption he would have to join a new or existing superteam.

Bryant, like many players of his era, have made their unfavorable opinions of such assemblages of superstar talent well known, so there’s no way he would ever consider being part of one.