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Kate Upton fires back at trolls over ‘dumb misogynistic comments’

Kate Upton found herself in the middle of a Twitter troll farm due to her defense of a controversial interference call during the Houston Astros’ 7-2 loss to the Washington Nationals in Game 6 of the World Series. Upton, the wife of Astros ace Justin Verlander, fired back at those critics who used “dumb misogynistic comments” to call her out.

The controversial call during the top of the seventh inning involved the Nationals’ Trea Turner getting called out for batter interference for running inside the baseline, thereby blocking Yuli Gurriel’s catch.

The ruling not surprisingly was met with either outrage or agreement by fans on social media, depending on which team said fans were backing. Upton, obviously rooting for the Astros, sided with those who believe it was the right call.

The Major League Baseball Umpires Association later tweeted a clarification of the rule in question, siding with the umpires’ call on the field and consequently Upton’s stance on the situation.

Upton’s tweet yielded over 3,000 replies, and while most tweets simply disputed her take, many crossed the line with messages such as “stick to selfies, you old shoe” and “stick to modeling” along with other more offensive barbs.

Upton, who has never shied away from stating her baseball opinions on social media, controversial and otherwise, in the past, later returned to Twitter to fire back at those individuals who took things too far with their vitriolic tweets.

There is of course nothing wrong with debating the merits of a call on social media, even when it results in vehement disagreements. In fact, it’s a huge part of how Twitter and the like has enhanced the experience of watching sports. Still, the trolls who Upton addressed in her tweet were served notice that she has no time for them or their opinions.