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Dwane Casey on narrative he’s ‘salty’ over Raptors’ title: ‘It irks me’

It would be understandable if Dwane Casey felt some bitterness over how the Toronto Raptors won the NBA title in the first season after the organization let him go. According to the Detroit Pistons head coach, though, those kind of negative thoughts have never crossed his mind.

With Casey’s Pistons squad set to face the reigning champion Raptors for the first time since winning the title last June, the coach was asked again about whether he feels any residual antipathy toward his former employer. Casey colorfully insisted that’s absolutely not the case while discussing his return to Toronto for Wednesday’s game at Scotiabank Arena.

“It irks me when I read the narrative that Dwane is salty… No, Dwane Casey is not salty at all. I’m happy for everything who’s here… There’s no animosity in my heart whatsoever,” Casey said Wednesday. “I can live, I can sleep at night. There’s no saltiness, no pepper, no hot sauce.”

It merits noting that Casey was replaced as Raptors head coach by Nick Nurse, his former assistant with whom he continues to enjoy a great friendship. That presumably softens any potential sting over how things played out.

Casey’s approach to the situation is certainly admirable, although hardly surprising given the manner in which he has conducted himself throughout his coaching career. What’s done is done and Casey understands there’s nothing he can do to change the past. So what’s the point in subjecting himself to any anguish by obsessing over it?