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Theo Epstein reacts to Joe Maddon’s ‘dream’ of beating Cubs in World Series

New Los Angeles Angels skipper Joe Maddon recently joked about a desire to beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, and his former boss, Theo Epstein, had some fun on Monday with the comment.

During his introductory press conference last week, Maddon, while wishing the Cubs “nothing but the best,” mentioned how leading the Angels to a World Series win over his former team “would be my pipe dream right there.”

On Monday, after the Cubs officially introduced David Ross as Maddon’s successor, Epstein praised the former Cubs skipper while jokingly reacting to the “pipe dream” comment.

“I wouldn’t sign up for that entire thing, but maybe if we find a way to win those four games, that’d be nice,” Epstein said, drawing laughter from media scrum around him, per NBC Sports Chicago. “Lot of work ahead on both sides before we can start talking that way. Look forward to the process of working and then playing our way into that conversation.”

After serving as Cubs manager for five seasons, during which he helped end the team’s so-called World Series title curse in 2016, Maddon was let go after a disappointing 2019 campaign.

While there may be some hurt feelings on Maddon’s behalf, perhaps understandably so, his “pipe dream” talk was seemingly more of a lighthearted comment than one inspired by bitterness.

“I knew he would have his choice of jobs and land in a great spot,” Epstein said of Maddon. “I think he’s gonna dominate there. Just because you talk about a new voice and something new and what you’re looking for in a manager doesn’t in anyway repudiate the former manager.

“If David can be as successful as Joe was, we’ll have made a great decision. [I’m] happy for Joe and what he has in front of him in Los Angeles and also thrilled that David’s here.”

The Cubs obviously accomplished great things during Maddon’s tenure, and Esptein made it clear with his comments Monday that the organization appreciated the former skipper’s contributions to those successes.