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Rob Gronkowski jokingly trolls Bill Belichick over sideline smile

Bill Belichick is all business when it comes to football, and it makes him as curmudgeonly as NFL head coaches come, both on the sideline and at the podium. So much so, in fact, that Rob Gronkowski could not help but jokingly troll Belichick over a smile that somehow managed to creep across his former coach’s face during the New England Patriots’ shutout win over the New York Jets on Monday night.

Belichick engaged in a savvy demonstration of gamesmanship during the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ convincing win. Up 33-0 at the time, Belichick initiated a well-executed ruse by using intentional penalties to burn clock.

In an “open letter” penned to Belichick read aloud by Gronk for an Uninterrupted bit, the former Patriots tight end-turned-FOX analyst pontificates on said “rare moment.”

“Dear Bill, I watched the Jets game. Tom (Tom Brady), Jules (Julian Edelman) and the fellas looked good,” Gronkowski says in the video. “As you like to say, it was a good team win. Executed in all three phases. But even bigger than the win was a rare moment in the fourth quarter. I saw it. I almost missed it. I’m sure a lot of the fans watching didn’t catch it, but I did. You smiled!

“Through nine seasons and even three Super Bowls, I’d never seen you with such pure joy on the field. This is such a big deal that me and my team went to the drawing board to make you something special. It’s your very own emoji. This one, it’s your smile. To be used by all Patriots fans when we know something they don’t know. You’re welcome. So let’s all enjoy this smile for a moment. But it’s a short week, so then it’s back to business. On to the next one. Miss you.

“Sincerely yours, Roberto.”

Belichick has been known to showcase his typically well-hidden whimsical side from time to time, especially when spending time with longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday. Although it does merit noting he can get downright jovial with the media on occasion. Well, jovial in strictly Belichickian terms, that is.

The cracked smile on Monday night, though, may be one of the few times Belichick has shown any signs of joy during a game, which is exactly why Gronk just had to make note of it.