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Patrick Beverley fined $25K for tossing ball, shares DM with fans who caught it

Patrick Beverley was fined $25,000 by the NBA for tossing the basketball into the stands following the conclusion of the Clippers’ 112-102 victory over the Lakers Tuesday night. While the Clippers star may be a bit lighter in the wallet, a direct message he received from the fans who caught the ball certainly lifted his spirits.

The NBA announced Beverley’s fine on Wednesday, and video shows him throwing the ball into the Staples Center seats at the final buzzer of the Clippers’ huge win on opening night over their in-city rivals.

Once the fine was announced, Beverley took to Twitter to defend his actions and sarcastically apologize.

A short time later, Beverley returned to Twitter to share a DM he received from the wife of the fan who ended up being the benefactor of the Clippers star’s celebratory toss.

It turns out Jillian Green’s husband, Jared, is a lifelong Clippers fans and securing the prized souvenir meant the world to him.

“I wish I could call the NBA and tell them you were just excited and you made one huge Clippers fan’s life,” Jillian wrote in her message to Beverley.

Beverley presumably feels that $25,000, given his salary, is a small price to pay to bring such joy to a longtime Clippers fan. That said, despite indicating in his tweet that he won’t change, odds are Beverley may think twice before doing another celebratory ball toss the next time the opportunity presents itself.