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Female reporter ‘pissed’ over Patriots fan’s on-air attempted kiss

PointsBet Sportsbook reporter Erin Kate Dolan was subjected to unfortunate and uncalled-for fan behavior while covering Monday night’s showdown between the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

During a live report outside MetLife Stadium, a Patriots fan attempted to kiss her, an unacceptable act that left Dolan understandably “pissed.”

On Wednesday, Dolan took to Twitter to share footage of the incident and speak out against the kind of boorish conduct women like her in the media are subjected to far too often.

Dolan obviously has every right to be upset over the position she was put in due to the Patriots fan’s reprehensible actions, and she deserves a lot of credit for shining a spotlight on this kind of behavior on behalf of other women working in sports media.

Dolan’s employer, PointsBet Sportsbook, also issued a statement via Twitter in her defense.

The company wrote in part that, “[t]here is simply no place for this” before adding, “Until we can make sure this can’t happen again, we are not sending our reporters into situations such as these moving forward.”