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Carson Wentz: Anonymous sources leaking info to media ‘concerning’

The Philadelphia Eagles have been plagued this season with frequent reports coming out of the locker room attributed to anonymous sources. This week, Carson Wentz called the entire situation “concerning.”

The substance of the most recent reporting sourced to an anonymous individual tended to be highly critical of Wentz, so his reaction to the ongoing leaks is of great interest and relevance.

“That stuff, if it comes out through the media, that’s not how we like to have things come out and that’s not how we’re going to discuss it,” Wentz said. “Those things are all in-house things and we’ve put them behind us. We’re going to keep that stuff tight going forward, for sure. … We don’t like when those things happen, without a doubt. It’s concerning. So we handle it internally and we move on.”

ESPN’s Josina Anderson has been the member of the media sharing the information provided by said leaks. Earlier this week, Howard Eskin of 94WIP reported that Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery was the anonymous source of Anderson’s reporting that portrayed Wentz in an unflattering light.

Anderson later took to Twitter in response to Eskin’s reporting and denied that Jeffery was her source.

All that said, the Eagles are in the midst of a surprisingly disappointing season. At 3-4 after dropping two straight games, the Eagles arguably are facing a must-win game on the road Sunday against a formidable Buffalo Bills squad.

Should the Eagles continue to struggle, odds are the anonymous source within the team’s locker room will again pass along his thoughts to the media. Then again, as is always the case in sports, winning cures all ills, and in-team dissent and things being leaked to the media presumably would come to an end if the Eagles can turn around their season in short order.