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Draymond Green admits fault in Kevin Durant feud

The on-court confrontation between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant that spawned a contentious and very public feud was one of the biggest stories of the 2018-19 NBA season. Even with all the time that has passed, the rift that developed between the two Golden State Warriors superstars continues to be a topic that evidently merits interest.

So much so, in fact, that one of the principals in the controversy recently felt compelled to yet again revisit the circumstances that led to the ugly situation.

Green recently opened up about the drama that unfolded between himself and Durant. In an appearance alongside Warriors president Bob Myers on  ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski‘s “The Woj Pod” podcast, Green interestingly admitted fault for his role in the feud.

“I just had to accept the fact that I was wrong. And once I was able to get over my stubbornness and accept the fact that I was wrong, I was able to move on,” Green said. “I lost [Durant’s] trust. How do I get that back? Not so we can win a championship or we can win some games … but I actually loved this guy, like that’s really my brother. And so not knowing what’s next in our relationship bothered me more.”

Green indicated that before the Warriors suspended him, Myers and Steve Kerr said he had to apologize to Durant, which he refused to do.

“And I never apologized to him until I came to grips with myself,” Green added.

The case can be made there is little reason for anyone to relitigate who was at fault, especially when it comes to Green and Durant. That said, the reverberations from the feud — which exposed for the first time weaknesses in the Warriors’ rock-solid foundation — are still being felt in the league today.

After all, without the Durant-Green confrontation, subsequent feud and rift, it’s at least a possibility, however slim, that the two could still be teammates on the Warriors this season.