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Pelicans GM: ‘Asinine’ to say Zion Williamson’s weight led to knee injury

Zion Williamson is expected to miss six to eight weeks after undergoing surgery on a torn meniscus. Immediately upon the New Orleans Pelicans rookie suffering the setback, a debate ensued about whether Williamson’s weight contributed to the knee injury. Pelicans general manager David Griffin clearly has no patience for such speculative chatter.

With the Pelicans set to open their 2019-20 season Tuesday night against the Toronto Raptors without Williamson, Griffin hailed the rookie as “an elite athlete” and a “freak of nature” before rejecting the ongoing “Zion is too heavy” narrative.

“The notion that this happened because Zion is in poor condition is asinine,” Griffin said, via The Times-Picayune. “He wasn’t in poor condition when he went 12 of 13 last week. That’s not what it is. He’s just a very unique body type and certainly from a physics perspective.”

Griffin added that while a setback, Williamson’s time away will allow the phenom the chance to reset and refocus ahead of a heavily hyped and eagerly anticipated rookie campaign.

“We are extremely optimistic that he is going to be really, really good coming out of this,” Griffin said. “I’m a firm believer that a lot of times these things are blessings in disguise. You sorta reset the deck now and he gets to realize what’s in front of him and I think that’s a good thing.”

Williamson without question boasts a large, wide body, standing at 6-foot-6 and 284 pounds. Williamson is also a tremendously gifted athlete, so the notion that this setback should cause alarm arguably is a knee-jerk reaction.

Should such injuries of this nature continue, however, perhaps the Pelicans will have to assess whether trimming down would benefit Williamson in the long haul. Then again, his freak-of-nature combination of size and strength — not to mention eye-popping agility for a man of his frame and stature — is the reason why he’s rightfully touted as a generational talent.