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Bears fan’s GoFundMe has raised $70 to buy out Mitch Trubisky’s contract

Chicago Bears fans are nearing their collective wits’ end when it comes to the troubling and agony-inducing struggles of Mitchell Trubisky, but one fan’s grassroots effort to free the team of the quarterback has failed to catch on just yet.

Bears fan Stan Bednarchyk created a fundraiser page on GoFundMe on Monday which he “hopes” will raise the $17.1 million needed for the Bears to buy out Trubisky’s contract. He succinctly stated his case for Trubisky’s hoped-for heave-ho with this brief message on the page: “We need a new Quarterback! Let’s buy out Mitch Trubisky’s contract!”

So far, the groundswell surrounding Bednarchyk’s cause has been minimal, to put it mildly. As of early Tuesday afternoon, a scant $70 has been raised.

Despite the lack of “donations” coming in, it’s safe to assume that a majority of Bears fans have had it with Trubisky in light of a poor start to the 2019 season. While the third-year signal-caller missed a few games after suffering a shoulder injury in Week 4, his play this season has been underwhelming at best, horrible at worst.

Then, the bottom completely fell out for Trubisky in Sunday’s 36-25 loss at home to the New Orleans Saints, as Bears fans passionately booed him during an overall woeful effort.

All that said, these kind of GoFundMe-based fundraisers, while amusing, obviously do not exert any influence upon the real world. Still, such exercises are an interesting way to take the temperature of a fan base. Although in this instance, only a handful of Bears fans have been willing to lay down their hard-earned money, albeit with the expectation nothing would come of their investment anyway.