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Chuck Pagano ‘Chuckbucks’ coveted currency in Bears locker room

Chuck Pagano had some big shoes to fill in Chicago after Vic Fangio accepted the job as head coach of the Denver Broncos this past offseason.

The Bears defense has remained as intimidating and dominant as ever since Pagano has taken the reins as coordinator, and it sounds like some amusing locker room antics have helped things along by endearing him to his players.

It turns out that Pagano came up with a clever gimmick with the creation of “Chuckbucks.” While not to be confused with a “Schrute Buck” from “The Office,” the created currency does bear similar characteristics to the pieces of paper Dwight introduced to the Dunder Mifflin gang.

For one thing, Chuckbucks bear the visage of their creator. Second, acquiring one or more is based on merit.

On the other hand, the main difference is that Bears players actually want to get their hands on some “Chuckbucks.”

It turns out that Pagano introduced the Chuckbucks concept during the preseason. After Bears safety Eddie Jackson notched an interception, Pagano approached him in the locker room and presented him a Chuckbuck, which resembles a $100 bill, only with Pagano’s face instead of Ben Franklin’s.

Fellow Bears safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix recently showcased his wad of at least 20 Chuckbucks.

“You’ve gotta earn these, man,” he said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “They don’t just come out of nowhere. I love the Chuckbucks. They’re gonna be worth a lot of money one day, so you better get your hands on them. I’m telling you.”

Bears players suspect that Pagano produced the Chuckbucks on his own, perhaps with his own computer. Still, a Chuckbuck bears great value to Bears players.

“The first one he gave me, I thought it was some cash,” Clinton-Dix said. “OK, Coach. I’m gonna go to the restaurant with all these Chuckbucks and tell them I left my wallet at home.”

If those Chuckbucks do not work out perhaps Clinton-Dix could get his hands on some Stanley Nickels, which of course were valued in comparison to a Schrute Buck in “the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.”