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Spider bite stalls rehab for Penguins’ Alex Galchenyuk

Professional athletes suffering strange injuries away from the game under the most bizarre circumstances mostly occur in Major League Baseball, but a recent development in the NHL shows that hockey players aren’t immune to such baffling setbacks.

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Alex Galchenyuk, who joined the team in the offseason via a trade with the Arizona Coyotes, suffered what is believed to be a groin injury early on in training camp.

According to a report from TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Galchenyuk’s rehab has been stalled by an allergic reaction to a spider bite.

“This is going from the sublime to the ridiculous,” McKenzie said during the first intermission of Wednesday night’s NBSCN broadcast of the Penguins-Avalanche game, as transcribed by CBS Sports. “Galchenyuk was dealing with a soft tissue injury, believed to be a groin injury suffered in training camp. His rehab and recovery from that has been stalled because —get this — [he was] bit by a spider.”

“Quite a significant allergic reaction to that spider bite,” McKenzie continued, “and that really put off some of the rehab and recovery he was doing. But he’s now on the road to recovery, they’re hoping another week or two for him.”

Suffering such a setback due to a seemingly innocuous off-the-ice incident surely has to be frustrating for Galchenyuk. It merits noting that he isn’t the first pro athlete who has dealt with issues due to an ill-timed spider bite, either, which is something.

That said, odds are his teammates — not to mention opponents and rival fans — will never let him hear the end of it once he’s recovered from the allergic reaction and is back on the mend.

Let’s just say Galchenyuk will be hearing plenty of Spider-Man and/or Peter Parker references once he returns to the lineup.