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Astros manager AJ Hinch: Pitch-tipping talk ‘kind of funny’

There has been quite a bit of chatter throughout the Houston Astros’ postseason run that the team has been the benefactor of opposing pitchers tipping their pitches. Astros skipper A.J. Hinch finds all the “paranoia” — his word — quite amusing.

The ongoing controversy stems from the belief that the Astros figured out how to discern what pitches were coming from Tampa Bay Rays starter Tyler Glasnow during the ALDS.

Then, the very same suspicions were voiced once the ALCS got started about how James Paxton and Luis Severino of the New York Yankees were tipping their pitches as well.

Hinch cannot help but find the entire situation comical.

“I think it’s kind of funny,” Hinch said, via ESPN.

Hinch then took a shot at the opposing pitchers who apparently have been tipping their pitches by arguing against the notion that the so-called controversy is somehow the Astros’ fault.

“If they don’t want to tip their pitches,” Hinch said, “then they should take consideration into doing the same thing over and over again.”

It merits noting that batters taking advantage of a pitcher tipping his pitches is not against the rules, and rightfully so. On the other hand, stealing signs, which no opponent has formally accused the Astros of doing (at least this postseason), is a far hazier issue.

Hinch is absolutely correct in arguing that it’s ridiculous to think the Astros should not take advantage if an opposing pitcher is in fact tipping his pitches. Whether or not pitch-tipping is actually occurring, the Astros manager preferred to praise his players’ successes, regardless of how they are achieving them.

“It shouldn’t overshadow the quality of play or the players or what’s going on on the field,” Hinch said. “The paranoia is real, though. And it’s real across 30 teams.”