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Kevin Durant gets in lengthy Twitter debate over advanced metrics

Kevin Durant is known to engage fellow Twitter users in debates over just about anything, and he was back at it Tuesday when he took issue with what he views as the over-reliance on advanced metrics in today’s NBA.

The tweeted back-and-forth between the Brooklyn Nets superstar and Action Network’s Matt Moore was lengthy and will be laid out below. To summarize, though, here’s how Durant profanely closed out the debate: “Who the f— wants to look at graphs while having a hoop convo?”

It all started when Moore weighed in on how Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine recently bemoaned how the team was pushing for him to take less mid-range jump shots.

Shortly after Moore’s Tuesday tweet, Durant surfaced to issue a rebuttal.

The point/counterpoint between Moore and Durant regarding the nuances of metrics and the like then began in earnest, with the former lending the perspective of the analytics crowd and the latter explaining how players like him view such matters.

The debate ended for the most part with Durant dropping the aforementioned f-bomb. While it’s difficult to declare who came out on top in the debate between Durant and Moore, there was one indisputable winner: NBA fans who witnessed and enjoyed the social media repartee between the two.